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Powered by Beer Own the shirt that would make Ted jealous. This shirt really lets the world know what makes you tick! This is probably my favorite shirt I've made for just wearing around. Great for bar trips or annoying the boss. Or In-Laws. Oh yah.
Powered by Beer : $15 plus $3 shipping

International shipping : $10

Warning : Unholy Experiment in Progress
Warning T-Shirt : $15 plus $3 shipping

International shipping : $10

The Infamous Comicon 2004 Shirt Now you can own the shirt that caused a stir at the San Diego Comicon!


Get these puppies for $5 each. Why? Because dammit, he's back in office! Show people your opinion in an incredibly rude manner!
Back Print T-shirts : $5 plus $3 shipping

International shipping : $10

Front Print T-shirts : $5 plus $3 shipping

International shipping : $10

Other Stuff!
Super Spiffy Magnet Pack!
Get the coolest magnet pack evah : $10 plus $1 shipping
8.5x11 Hi Res Signed Prints of Fithy Lies #2
Get a signed copy of the most popular FL strip on poster stock paper : $5 plus $2 shipping
Acrylic Paintings of Characters
Get a hand painted acrylic painting of your favorite Filthy Lies character! None in stock, but contact me for a quote on one. (Typically about $40-$50 for a single portrait, a little more for extra characters/special requests.)
Don't like PayPal? I'll accept money orders as well, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me first so that I can make sure I have what you want in stock and set it aside for you or it might get bought by somebody else. If you want international shipping for T-shirts, it's 10 bucks per shirt. If anybody actually needs it, I'll stick up a button for it. If YOU need ti, fire me an e-mail and let me know!







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