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Monday, January 5, 2004

Hello Kitty vibrators have always been hilarious to me and I always thought it was unfair there was no market for sex toys for girls to explore with. It seemed like guys get Sears catalogs and Victoria's Secret catalogs within easy reach for their fun and games, but a woman's traditional best friend is not as accessable to young women.

Also, I know for a fact that the "squiggle pens" that vibate while you're trying to write to make your handwriting look funny have been put to nefarious uses by at least one young lady.

If near porn is easy for young guys to get ahold of, near vibrators should be easy for young girls to get ahold of. It's only fair, yes?

And vibrating toys are the way to go! Especially submersible ones! Although I hear the massaging shower heads that detach on the extendo-hose are quite good as well.







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