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Friday, January 9, 2004

Alert reader Stephanie Urquhart pointed out this little dandy device. What a wonderful little gem this is! A vibrating Harry Potter broom! Of course, not only do you get the buzzing noise from vibration, but you also get the woosh zoop swoop sounds of flying. That must be entertaining!

The best part was in the reviews. And I quote :

"I gave this gift to my 10 year old niece Stacy. She LOVES Harry Potter so I knew this would be a perfect gift for her. Stacy and her 15 year old sister fight over it constantly. Make sure you buy enough to go around!

I am told you need to replace the batteries almost daily, and can vouch for it since I have seen the pile of batteries after only a week. Pick up some rechargeable batteries, it will really help out."

Best.... Aunt.... Ever.....

As a warning, there will be no Filthy Lies updates for about a week. Sorry about that! But as a bonus, there should be a guest strip of mine running at Silly Cone V on TUESDAY. Go check it out.







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