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Monday, February 2, 2004

This comic and cartoonist in no way endorses shooting George W. Bush. Got that you fucking NSA asshat goons? GOT IT? It's fucking HUMOR! Shall I hold your hand and walk you through it? I know you have your ability to joke surgically removed to work for the National Security Agency.

So let's recap.

Bush's call to war revolved around several points :

1) Saddam being in possession of big bad scary weapons. Bush has these as well. (Note : everybody admits these don't exist now. Nice, huh? Especially since it's apparent the evidence they used as a pretext was flimsy. No wonder they refused to disclose it.)

2) Saddam was violating civil liberties and rights of his citizens. Bush does this. Check out the provisions of the Patriot Act. Note that American Citizens can be tried by MILITARY COURTS and held without reason. Note the increase in the government's ability to investigate and spy on AMERICAN CITIZENS.

3) Saddam being a "clear and and present danger to the U.S." Well, Bush's behavior around 9-11 in continuing to read to a group of 2nd graders while the country was under attack and people were dying was stupid. His subsequent unprecedented alienation of most every country in the world and engendering of further hate and hostility in the Middle East with his meddling is worse than stupid. It's retarded. He has set the stage for the next round of terrorist supporting governments. The Taliban? Put into power by the U.S. Government. Saddam Hussein? Put into power by the U.S. Government. Yes, thank God we're safe NOW! Bush's foriegn policy is a "clear and present danger to the U.S."

4) Saddam being a dictator and not elected by the populace. Of course... Bush LOST the popular vote. (Note : He was legally elected. But poorly.)

Yes the parallels are there. Some are pretty flimsy... But hey, I'm a humorist. And I'm not spending 300 million dollars and thousands of lives on MY flimsy pretexts. So tough it out.

So all you NSA guys can just settle down, okay?







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