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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

So Michael Buonauro really did kill himself, and he really was one of the pioneers of webcomics. I'd say a bunch of crap about how the webcomic community has lost so much if that weren't a load of horse shit. It's true we won't see what more he could have given us in his writing and comicing online, but it's his family and friends that have sustained a real and horrible loss and we should all take a little time to go and hug, kiss, and talk to those that are important in our lives. Life can be fleeting, and death will blindside us all some day or another so enjoy what you've got and who you've got.

Many will say this comic is in rather poor taste, and I agree. My whole archive is in poor taste if you ask me. But it makes me laugh. And laughing is definately a way to deal with the unexpected, the grotesque, and the painful. And it's sure a lot more fun than praying. And useful if you ask me. Not when you laugh at the pain, but when you laugh for it and with it. So laugh for Michael with me, and laugh for yourselves. Laugh for life.







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