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Friday, July 9, 2004

Don't take Damian's word for it, go see the movie!

Personally, it'd be funny to see Bush hoisted by his own petard. Funny, but not much of a moral victory. However, at least Moore admits that it's much more of a political satire than a documentary. It does have many elements of a documentary, but he's got an agenda with the movie, and that agenda is to unseat Bush. He's honest about that unlike, oh, say Fox News which claims to be Fair and Balanced and has been and continues to pretty much be a Bush/Cheney mouthpiece.

Bush has done PLENTY enough to merit getting his butt kicked out of office without insinuating or exagerating rumors.

However, I still recommend seeing the movie because it does have a lot to say about the way the Bush administration has abused the constitution, the american people, and the world's opinion of the U.S. Just... um, take a grain of salt or three when Moore starts wildly speculation in Bush's personal motivations. I'm surprised he didn't suggest Bush had gay butt sex with Bin Laden's dad.

Oh, and Cheney? No, fuck YOU!







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