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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

This is my election special. If you voted for Nader, and you're in a swing state, I say "Good for you!" Way to have a pair! If Bush wins, I hope that pair gets cut off!

There was some vote swapping sites, where people offered to vote for Nader in their non-swing state if you'd vote for Kerry in your swing state. People say this lets the numbers come out the same letting the 3rd party candidate get your support while you help oust Bush.

This is the WORST THING A PERSON WHO SUPPORTS NADER OR THIRD PARTY POLITICS COULD EVER DO! Third party candidates have a long history of affecting elections, even if they don't win them. If you trade votes, they no longer affect the election. If they don't affect the election, whatever hot button topics (like the environment) that third parties endorse is NO LONGER A BIG CONCERN OF ANY OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES. If a candidate knows he can win an extra percantage or two by promising (and hopefully delivering) a little extra environmental protection, well, he'd prolly strongly consider doing it. If the votes get swapped, he gets those percentage points for free.

So. If you support Nader and live in a swing state, vote for fucking Nader. And lock your doors at night, because people will riot if Nader costs Kerry the election. But still, have a pair, okay?







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