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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It annoyed me that if politicians go to where the disaster is, everything has to stop for security checkpoints and photo ops. But if the politicians DON'T show up there, they get yelled at for not caring. There should be a 'caring zone' set up where politicians can go and demonstrate they're willing to book a flight to get reelected without actually disrupting real rescue efforts.

If you guys like political type comics, you might check out Death of the Party. I met the guy who does this comic. He was the editor for one of the college newspapers. And HE REJECTED FILTHY LIES WHEN I SUBMITTED IT TO BE RUN IN THE NEWSPAPER!

Fortunately, his ability to draw comics surpasses his ability to pick good ones to run in our school newspaper. And if I'd gotten in, I'd be updating Filthy Lies 5 days a week to meet the schedule, so y'all have him to thank for me not upping the schedule. :)







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