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Monday, August 7, 2006

Having gotten some e-mail from a reader in Germany (Hiya Oliver!) who has had REAL Löwenbräu and not the horrible horrible swill put out by Miller Brewing Co.

Fortunately, Löwenbräu is actually importing the real German beer, and so it may be possible for me to try some. That will be my goal during the bachelor party. REAL Löwenbräu beer. A quest that will take me across the whole of San Francisco! Incidentally, if you're a reader in the San Fran area and knows a place that DOES carry the real stuff, drop me a line telling me where so I can give it a shot!

I'm gone until the 29th of August! Because of, you know, my wedding and stuff. I'll post a comic up saying so for you guys who don't read the news blurbs. You know... for the UNCOOL people who don't hang on my smug little pronouncements on things like beer.

Speaking of which... try Lake Louie Porter if you can. DAMN that's a good beer!







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