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Monday, April 23, 2007

The sad thing is, I really thought this at the time. More people killed than wounded doesn't happen almost EVER except maybe charging machine gun nests... and even then I suspect it's still closer to 2:1 in favor of wounding.

If you look at the statistics for the wars we've been in, the ratio is almost never below 2 wounded per 1 killed in action.

Those retards at Columbine, the clock tower shooter (trained marine), none of them were as straight out deadly. And the doctor reports were that most people brought in had 3 or more bullets in them.

It leads to one conclusion. This guy was COMPLETELY off his rocker, but still thinking enough to put extra bullets in his victims to 'make sure' he got the job done. Very, very messed up. I'm glad he won't be tying up the courts at all and dragging this out for years.







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